Finger Lakes – Hidden gem of United Stated wineries

You surely have already drank an american wine.
And the ods would be that it is a Californian wine. Based on the Wine Institute, 90% of wine export are from California. Some  2013 studies  states these digits:

State Number of
California 3,532
Washington 670
Oregon 543
New York 306

No surprises for the first three ranks. California has always been an wine eldorado for the USA’s west side. Washington and Oregon states are also known for having built a solid wine industry during the last three decades. They are now major key players in the american wineries actors.

The 4th rank, New York, is somewhat the underdog. Out of these 300 wineries, more than the third come from the Finger Lakes regtion.

This american region is suitable for interesting viticulture practices and for growing vines that are cold friendly. Since a few years now, wine toursim has been growing steadily in the Finger Lakes.

Three wine trails are now accessible to wine fans. More than 100 wineries can be visited , and wine tasted.

A lot of  ‘noble grape’ varietals have been planted and are cultivated around the area. Reds as whites.
Riesling, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon.
Along with local hybrid varietals and one specific grape created especially for the region: White Cayuga . folks have passed a few days in the Finger Lakes and tasted more than 120 wines. We will post a few articles on a few highlights we tasted and that are worth to share with you.

With wine quality going up on a steady pace, we would not be surprised if in less than 10 years, this region will be as reknown as Oregon or Washington wine regions. It might not surpass California business numbers, but for sure you will find a lot of Finger Lakes wine on your tables very soon.

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