About WineNoter.com


Winenoter.com is a site dedicated to wine making, wine tasting and other satellites topics. We aim at sharing with
winethusiastics news, reviews, and interesting articles along with providing insights on specific wines and wineries.

Our different collaborators have these traits in common:

– Wine passion
– Wine making knowledge
– Curiosity and an deep interest into continuous learning
– Interest to share with others their findings and their knowledge
– A good palate and skills to describe flavors subtleties

We are strongly committed to provide objectivity about anything we write, relate or review. We are not dedicated to sell
any products but to cover and share knowledge with our users base.


Wine rating system

While tasting and evaluation wines, we try to follow a set of defined rules. Of course, taster personal preferences will be applied, but a list of evalation axis are considered.

Red wine evalation axis

  • Balance: acidity, tanins, sweetness and alcool
  • Complexity
  • Persistence
  • Value vs price

Facteurs d’évaluations des vins blancs

  • Balance: Acidity and sweetness
  • Texture and finesse
  • Persistence
  • Value vs price

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